Unlock the power of your personal wealth portal in only a few minutes.

Add assets in “mywealth”
mywealth is your balance sheet showing all of your assets (eg home, car, bank accounts) and liabilities (eg. loans, credit cards).
VIDEO: How to add a bank account


After adding your bank accounts in mywealth (see above), your transactions will be automatically categorised in mycashflow so that you can immediately see how much you have spent on groceries, fuel, eating out, etc in the last month.
VIDEO: How to add a category


Setting a budget
Let the portal do the hard work for you and set a budget. In the “mycashflow” tab you can ensure that all your transactions are correctly categorised and set budget values for each.
VIDEO: How to set a budget


Adding a Team Member
Building up your financial team and keep your spouse or partner in the loop by adding them as a team member to your personal wealth portal.
VIDEO: How to add a team member


Review your financial position
Take the 1 minute financial review to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.
VIDEO: How to review your services