I’ve signed my document, where can I see the it?

Depending on the type of document that you’ve signed, you should be able to find it in the following locations:
This article is based on default locations that the documents are set to save to, your accountant/adviser may choose to save them in alternative locations.

myprofile > My Tax:
Saved in a tax year folder

• Tax return
• Income document
• Expense document
• Group certificate
• SMSF tax return

myprofile > My Advice:

• Fact find
• Privacy form
• Client service agreement
• Authority to proceed


• Wills
• Insurance documents

myprofile > My Docs:
In the My Docs folder, you or your financial professional are able to create folders for specific documents or document types. For example:

• Receipts
• Others

You may also find:

• SMSF returns saved as a document under an SMSF Fund
• a wealth item document saved as a document under a property/vehicle, for example.