One of the most powerful features in your wealth portal, To-dos allow you and your adviser to create tasks. Whether submitting a tax return, uploading an important document, or tracking down your bank credentials, To-dos help you ensure you’ve got your financial world under control.

How do I create a To-do?

Creating a To-do is easy. Click on “Create To-do” to open the To-do dialogue box.

  1. Outline your To-do (e.g. “Upload my life insurance form”).
    Note: Your To-do should be 64 characters or less (i.e. 10-12 words).
  2. Select who this task is for (i.e. who will this task benefit; in our example, that’s you).
  3. Assign it to someone (i.e. name the person responsible for completing this task; in this example, that is also you). You can set To-dos for yourself or any member of your team.
    Note: To see who’s in your team, navigate to the myteam are of your wealth portal.
  4. If required, set a reminder and choose a frequency (for example, daily or monthly).
  5. Last but not least, select a due date.

And that’s it! Your To-do will be saved and can be found under mygoals, as well as under the relevant area of your wealth portal (i.e. if you created it under mydocs, you’ll be able to find it there).

Where do To-dos live?

The To-do command centre can be found under mygoals. From there, you can:

  • Create new To-dos
  • View a list of existing as well as past To-dos
  • Check a To-do’s deadline and status

To-dos are part and parcel of how we manage our finances (our lives, really…) which is why they’ve been embedded throughout your wealth portal. For example, you have the opportunity to create To-dos when setting up your portal for the first time, or when completing the Tax Assistant wizard.

You can also create To-dos at any time in the mywealth, myteam, myprotection and mydocs area.

Set a reminder to add your property manager’s contact details.

Create a To-do to upgrade (or downgrade) your insurance.

Create a To-do to review legal documents for your family trust.

Remind yourself to sign an important document sent by your adviser.