The Executor Kit is a document designed to help your executor administer your estate. Available on Pro wealth portal subscriptions, the Executor Kit lists your assets, liabilities, insurances, funeral wishes, special instructions, and any other information you wish to provide to your executor.

How does it work?

You can create an Executor Kit by completing the Executor Kit Wizard. It will guide you through the relevant sections of your wealth portal and prompt you to update out-of-date information, as well as upload missing documents.

State your funeral wishes, outline special instructions you might have, and indicate to your executor where they can find a hard copy of your will.

To make the most of your Executor Kit, make sure the latest, signed version of your will has been uploaded to the myprotection area of your wealth portal (you must be on a Pro subscription to do this), so that your executor knows where to find it.

How do I launch the Executor Kit Wizard?

You can launch the Executor Kit Wizard by completing the Will Wizard or by clicking on the “Get Executor Kit” button on the will entry of your choice.

Once generated, you can click on “Get Executor Kit” any time for the latest version. Updates to information in other parts of the wealth portal (for example, the addition of new assets or liabilities) will be reflected in the Executor Kit.

Note: the Executor Kit is independent from the will, so if you update information that is specific to your will (for example, change your beneficiaries), make sure you go through the Executor Kit wizard so the change is reflected there too.

Do I need a system generated will to get an Executor Kit?

Not at all. The Executor Kit is a complementary feature to the Will Wizard but they are completely independent.

As long as you are on a Pro wealth portal subscription, once you have a will – whether a system generated will, a will entry created by the Will Wizard, or you’ve uploaded your own will to the myprotection area of your wealth portal – simply click on “Get Executor Kit” for your chosen will entry and you’ll be able to generate the document.